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How to Find Your Leadership Voice

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


Growing up I was always fascinated by how some leaders seem to be more effective and influential as a leader than other leaders in their same field. Some leaders appeared to naturally capture peoples attention, communicate well, and attract committed followers or get people passionately committed to a cause, while others seem to gain no committed followers at all. Over and over again I asked myself, what's the difference? Over the years I have come to see and believe that much of what helps make a great leader is their #VOICE.

This is not about how their voice sounds, but rather with which voice they lead with. In my observations of hundreds of leaders, I come to see and hear 5 common leadership voices. Take a few moments and learn How to Find Your Leadership Voice.

Take a watch and see which voice you have currently, and learn which voice may help you be an even more influential and impactful leader.


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