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5 Reasons Why Executive Leaders Need Media Training

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Executive hiding from the media
5 Reasons Why Executive Leaders Need Media Training

The world has changed, and more than ever, getting media training as an executive leader is essential. But media training in a company or leadership crisis is mission critical.

The sad truth is that most executive leaders have yet to have media training, and when a crisis hits, they are caught unprepared, and more damage is done.

Today, I am sharing 5 Reasons Why Executive Leaders Need Media Training. Let's go!

  1. Media Training Many executives need more experience with media appearances. They are concerned about their ability to handle interviews, answer tough questions, and maintain composure.

  2. Reputation Management Executives are concerned about how they are portrayed in the media and on camera, as it can significantly impact their personal and company's reputation.

  3. Message Clarity Ensuring their message is clear, concise, and aligned with the company's objectives is a top concern. A miscommunication can lead to clarity and even interpretation. Learn more ways that media training helps you as an Executive Leader, check out this edition of 2 pm Live with the Trigger.

  1. Media Relations Building positive relationships with the media is essential. Executives may be concerned about handling media requests, building rapport, and providing valuable insights.

  2. Time Management Media appearances can be time-consuming. Executives need to balance these commitments with their other responsibilities, so they are concerned about managing their time effectively.

These concerns vary based on individual preferences, industries, and the evolving media landscape. Executive leaders must seek appropriate training, practice, and guidance to address these concerns and effectively leverage media opportunities.


Rich “Trigger” Bontrager is the creator and host of How To Rock the Stage Show, airing live each Wednesday night. Rich hosts the National Speakers Association (NSA) podcaster, author forums, and the new NSA LIVE show Behind the Stage. Entrepreneurs, executives, and speakers hire Rich to unleash their brand authority by learning media-savvy skills that help them shine on camera and stage.

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