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Learn to Cut through the Noise



The Power of Media

As a lifelong professional broadcaster, I learned to leverage media to communicate my message while standing out in a marketplace saturated with thousands of voices and personalities.  Today, there are an estimated 40,000 professional speakers just in the United States alone. The competition and noise in the speaking world is deafening.  However, by learning to use media and build your own branded media empire, you can be seen and heard as the expert that you are.

Throughout my career, I learned that you can shine brighter by creating a personal brand powered by media. By intentionally creating a media empire, you can be more easily seen as a trusted go-to expert in your field.  Today, I speak, teach, and coach executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, and companies to stand out and achieve their goals by learning media-savvy skills.


Building Your Media Empire

Today speakers, influencers, and leaders face a new reality. You are no longer in competition against one another. You compete with the pop, sizzle, and influence of media. Learning to leverage media like a broadcast professional is a game-changer.  

Join me as I demonstrate how to build a media empire that helps to highlight your unique voice, personality, and brand.  Learn media skills, communication, and branding techniques that media giants and entertainers use to separate themselves from the competition and noise. Ask yourself, what if you could rise above the noise and significantly impact your target audience?


Prepare yourself for an exciting and transformational presentation that will give actionable steps and takeaways  with the following outcomes:

  • Learn professional strategies that give you more confidence and shine brighter on stage and on camera.

  • Discover media secrets that top entertainers and media companies around the world use.

  • Rise above the noise and confusion that social media is creating and keeping you from being seen and heard as the go-to expert in your field.

  • Transform how to connect and communicate on social media, video, interviews, and more.

  • Start utilizing the buildings media building blocks that will have you stand out as rock in your industry.


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Program Brochures

Rich "Trigger" Bontrager
Rich "Trigger" Bontrager Public Speaker

Some Topics We Coach





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Customized Plans

Helping You Shine on Camera and Stage

We create customized programs for our executive clients based on their individual needs and goals. Some of our in-person and virtual offerings include:

  • Work at your own pace

  • Create your own plan and package

  • Select from our Media Packages

Whatever your goals, we will customize a program to help you become a more effective communicator across multiple platforms.

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