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Podcast Production & Skills Training

Your Ultimate Podcasting Coaching and Training Service

Welcome to Rock the Stage Media Podcast Production and Skills Training, where we transform podcast enthusiasts into confident, skilled, and impactful podcast hosts. Whether you're a novice seeking to embark on your podcasting journey or a seasoned podcaster looking to elevate your show's performance, our comprehensive coaching and training service has you covered. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to create, launch, and promote a successful podcast that captivates your audience.

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Podcasting is today's new radio phenomenon and is a powerful element in building, growing, and sustaining a media empire.

At Rock the Stage Media, we recognize that each podcaster's journey is unique. That's why our coaching is personalized to your needs, whether you're a solopreneur, part of a team, or aiming to launch a network. Rich "Trigger" Bontrager will work with you 1-1 and share his 36 years of professional broadcast and talk show experience to ensure you get the best coaching and training possible.

If you're ready to unleash your podcasting potential, join Rock the Stage Media Podcast Production and Skills Training and raise your brand awareness while expanding your media empire through the power of media and podcasting. Raise your voice, story, and impact by making your podcasting dreams a reality.

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Develop the essential skills to become a captivating podcast host. Learn the art of engaging storytelling, effective voice modulation, active listening, and improvisation. We'll guide you through exercises to enhance your on-air presence and confidence.


Crafting a podcast that stands out requires careful planning. Our experts will assist you in defining your podcast's niche, target audience, and unique value proposition. You'll learn how to structure episodes for maximum impact and create a content calendar that keeps your show consisten


Establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for recognition and trust. We'll help you design compelling podcast artwork, select appropriate music and sound effects, and develop a consistent tone that resonates with your audience.


Master the art of structuring episodes for smooth flow and engagement. You'll understand how to create captivating intros, segues, and outros and manage different segments within your episodes.


Conducting engaging interviews is a cornerstone of many podcasts. Gain insight into researching guests, crafting thought-provoking questions, managing conversations, and extracting compelling stories. Our training ensures both you and your guests shine.


For experienced podcasters, we offer advanced workshops on narrative storytelling, investigative journalism techniques, advanced marketing strategies, and leveraging emerging technologies in podcasting


"I’d like to let you know the impact you’ve had so far –

  1. The MIC you suggested is incredible 

  2. Your idea for a Pre-Interview Form is totally invaluable

  3. Your “tip the mug” to slow things down is really working 

  4. Of course, my backdrop is the star of every show, meeting, and summit!


So you know, I followed your suggestions, and they’re really working – I’ve delivered 19 podcast episodes so far, and I have another 10 in the can waiting to be released."

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- (Strategic HR Consultants)

Some Topics We Coach





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Customized Plans

Helping You Shine on Camera and Stage

We create customized programs for our executive clients based on their individual needs and goals. Some of our in-person and virtual offerings include:

  • Work at your own pace

  • Create your own plan and package

  • Select from our Media Packages

Whatever your goals, we will customize a program to help you become a more effective communicator across multiple platforms.

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