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Author Amplifying Media Services

Are you an author eager to launch your
literary masterpiece into the world?
Look no further!

Rock The Stage Media is committed to helping you not just launch your latest book but is here to help you amplify yourself through the power of media. Our Author Services provide you with professional "ever-green" media content that helps draw attention to you and your book long after your book has launched.

Here are some amazing books and authors Rich has hosted a party for...

Book Release Books

Let's get your Book Release Party booked and grow your reach, influence and sales!

Work with international Talk show host and Master Interviewer Rich "trigger" Bontrager

With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years as a professional broadcaster, celebrity talk show host, and media producer, Rich has worked with top leaders and authors such as Denis Waitley, Peter Margaritis, Chris Westfall, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Christer Johnson, and Deanna Singh just to name a few.

Rich Trigger Bontrager Master Interviewer


Amplify Your Author Presence with a Professional Interview Package!

Package Highlights:

       30-Minute Pre-Recorded Interview​

  1. Cut Question/Answer Curated Clips - 5 QA Clips

  2. 4-Sixty Seconds Shorts
    10 High-Quality Media Assets (Show + 5 Q/A + 4 Shoerts)


  4. Why Choose This Package?

  5. Maximize Visibility
    Boost Marketing
    Enhance Credibility
    Connect with Readers

  6. OIne event that provides a dozen media pieces

Invest in your success with our $500 Author Interview Package. Amplify your voice, connect with your audience, and confidently promote your new book. Secure your interview today and elevate your author profile!

30-Minute Pre-Recorded Interview

Peter Margaritis Book Release Party 9-28-23 (1).png

60-Minute Live Stream Event


Elevate Your Book Launch with a Dynamic Live Stream Event!

Package Highlights:

       60-Minute Live Stream Party with Live Audience

  1. Cut Question/Answer Curated Clips - 10 QA Clips

  2. Edit Live Stream into Sixty Seconds Shorts - 10 Shorts

  3. A total of 21 media assets (Show+10 Q/A + 10 Short
    Email list every person who registers for the event|

  4. Live Prize giveaway


  6. Why Choose This Package?
    Live interactive event
    Boost Marketing
    Enhance Credibility
    Connect with Readers

    Showcase your new book, interact with fans in real time, and create a lasting buzz with high-quality video content tailored to your target audience. 


60-90 Second Trailer

Bring Your Book to Life with a Captivating Video Trailer!

Package Highlights:

       High-Quality Book Trailer (60-90 seconds)


  2. Why Choose This Package?

    Transform your book into a visual masterpiece with a professional book trailer that captures the essence of your story like a movie or TV series promo. This powerful media tool can be featured on your website, Amazon book page, YouTube, and across social media platforms, serving as a compelling lead magnet and attention-getter. Stand out from the crowd and captivate potential readers with a dynamic, underused promotional asset.

Book Trailer- $1,200-$1,700

30 Second Sample

Customize Bundles

Learn how Rocj The Stage Media can create a customize Author Media Package just for you and your needs.

Let's Celebrate You and Your Book!

Your book is more than just words on pages; it's a story waiting to be shared with the world. Let Rock Stage Media catapult your book into the spotlight, ensuring it receives the recognition and admiration it deserves.

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