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Bring your book to life in hour-long live event


Ask about our "Author Spotlight" Series or the "All-Star" Bundle

How do you best get your book back in front of people, make sales, get reviews, and enhance your personal brand and thought leadership?   Authors are faced with these questions daily now due to Covid restrictions, shut down, and stores closing. The answer - Rich "Trigger" Bontrager's VIRTUAL RELEASE PARTY!


Included in your "STAR" Book Release Party Package:

  •  4-6 Weeks of social media support and activation to promote your event.

  • 3 coaching sessions to enhance your virtual presentation skills

  • Consultant session to plan out your event.

  • 3 personal testimony guests (in-person or recorded)

  • Hour-long live streaming even with the live audience.

  • Prizes and giveaways 

  • Link to recorded show to share on your website

  • Access to send viewers to your Amazon, your website, or other landing pages

  • Contact list of all in attendees

    All-Star Bundle Package (Includes all of "Star" Package plus)

  • 3 curated media clips to be used/shared by you on your own social media - post-event

  • 15 minute "Author Spotlight" interview 

  • Link to recorded show to share on your website

Let's talk and create your Book Release Party!

Let's get your Book Release Party booked and grow your reach, influence and sales!

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