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SPOTLIGHT interviews

SPOTLIGHT interviews
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SPOTLIGHT Featuring Global Mentor & Author Christer Johnsen

SPOTLIGHT Featuring Global Mentor & Author Christer Johnsen

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How to Rock the Stage Author Spotlight- Cody Lowry

How to Rock the Stage Author Spotlight- Cody Lowry

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Rock the Stage Media Spotlight Featuring Trauma to Triumph: The Rise of the Entrepreneur

Rock the Stage Media Spotlight Featuring Trauma to Triumph: The Rise of the Entrepreneur

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SPOTLIGHT featuring RJ Redden: Unconventional Traction Strategist

SPOTLIGHT featuring RJ Redden: Unconventional Traction Strategist

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Raise yourself and your brand customed
60 -Minute Style Interview Show

Are you ready to elevate your personal brand to new heights? Step into the limelight with our exclusive 60-minute style SPOTLIGHT interview, hosted by the one and only Rich "Trigger" Bontrager – Master Interviewer, TV Talk-show host, Producer, Media Coach, and your key to unlocking the power of your brand.

                                                            ✨ Why SPOTLIGHT? ✨


🚀 Raise Yourself and Your Brand:

   Experience a custom-branded interview show tailored to showcase your unique personality, expertise, and brand authority. Let "Trigger" guide you through an engaging conversation that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.


🎙️ Masterful Interviewing:

   Benefit from Rich "Trigger" Bontrager's expertise as he helps you shine brightly on camera, bringing out the best in you to share your brand's genius as a Go-To Expert.


📺 Visibility on Trigger's Platforms:

   Your SPOTLIGHT moment doesn't end when the interview does! Enjoy the added exposure as your feature gets aired and highlighted across "Trigger's" extensive social media platforms.


🎬 Dynamic Final Show:

   Our dedicated team ensures top-notch post-production and professional editing, resulting in a captivating 12-15 minute final feature that truly reflects the essence of your brand.


🔥 Powerful Branded Soundbites:

   Receive four impactful curated soundbites from your interview – perfect for sharing snippets of your wisdom and personality with your audience.


🎓 Pre-Production Coaching and Planning:

   Prepare for your moment in the SPOTLIGHT with a personalized pre-production coaching and planning session. We'll guide you every step of the way to ensure you make the most of your time on air.


🎯 Customized Branding:

   Your SPOTLIGHT is not just an interview; it's a tailored experience crafted specifically for you and your audience. Leave a lasting impression with a show that aligns seamlessly with your brand.


🌐 Ready-to-Share Link:

   We don't just stop at the interview – we provide you with a ready-to-use link that makes sharing and posting your SPOTLIGHT a breeze. Amplify your brand with just one click!


✨ **Don't miss your chance to shine – Reserve your SPOTLIGHT now! ✨


Join Rock The Stage Media and Rich "Trigger" Bontrager for an unforgettable interview experience that will set your brand apart. Elevate your presence, captivate your audience, and let the world see the brilliance that defines you. 🔥 #RockTheStage #SPOTLIGHTInterview #ElevateYourBrand

Or call...202-599-3922

Learn about our new SPOTLIGHT MINI.
SPOTLIGHT MINI is 3-5 minutes in length. 

  • Your final SPOTLIGHT- MINI will be 3-5 minutes in length

  • Intentional designed to share your genius and expertise 

  • You receive one curated teaser clip for Promotional Purposes

  • Ready to use the link to help you share your interview

  • Include one QR Code for a Call To Action/Special Offer

  • Have your Spotlight-mini amplified on Triggers social platforms

What Our Clients Say

Sheryl Lynn and Chair of Joy

Sheryl Lynn, visionary and founder of JOYELY LLC

From the moment I saw Rich "Trigger" Bontrager in action, I knew he was the right person to work with me on many, many occasions.
I highly recommend Rich as a show Producer, pre, post, and during activities, as he can handle anything you throw at him. I greatly appreciate Rich and his company, Rock the Stage Media.

Some Topics We Coach





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Customized Plans

Helping You Shine on Camera and Stage

We create customized programs for our executive clients based on their individual needs and goals. Some of our in-person and virtual offerings include:

  • Work at your own pace

  • Create your own plan and package

  • Select from our Media Packages

Whatever your goals, we will customize a program to help you become a more effective communicator across multiple platforms.

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