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Get featured on your own customed branded interview show

Get interviewed by TV Talk-show, Producer, Media-Coach, and Keynote Speaker Rich "Trigger" Bontrager.

Here's what's included

*Be interviewed by an international speaker, media coach, and broadcaster
and Master Interviewer Rich "Trigger" Bontrager

*Rich will help you shine brightly on camera to share your brand authority and genius as a Go-To Expert

* Get your SPOTLIGHT aired and featured on "Trigger's" Social media platforms

*The final SPOTLIGHT feature will be 12-15 minutes in length

*Post-production & professional editing that creates the dynamic final show

* You receive four powerful branded curated (soundbites) clips from the final show

* Pre-production coaching and planning session 

* Your SPOTLIGHT is branded specifically for you and your audience

*Ready to use the link to help you share and post your customized SPOTLIGHT

With everything included, this is a $5,000 value.

SPOTLIGHT is only a $2,500 investment to raise you and your brand authority
to a sharper, higher level.

Or call...202-599-3922

What Our Clients Say

Sheryl Lynn.jpeg

Sheryl Lynn, visionary and founder of JOYELY LLC

From the moment I saw Rich "Trigger" Bontrager in action, I knew he was the right person to work with me on many, many occasions.
I highly recommend Rich as a show Producer, pre, post, and during activities, as he can handle anything you throw at him. I greatly appreciate Rich and his company, Rock the Stage Media.

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