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Book Trigger to host your corporate

LiveStreams-Podcast-Webcast-virtual Summits-Live Events - and more media events!

"Worry Free

Sandra Dee Robinson

Market A Peel
Freedom Fest
International Hospitality

"Trigger" is a highly sought-after emcee and producer for

in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.  He has hosted and produced for Freedom Fest, The Joyely Symposium, the C-Suite Network, Market APeel Symposiums, and more!


Leverage Rich's 30+ years of broadcast, Talk show host, and presentation coach experience to have your next event run smoothly, professionally, and highly engaging.

  • Rich "Trigger" Bontrager will serve as host or co-host

  • Host your podcast, Live Stream, Summit, or TV show

  • Host virtual special events


Rich "Trigger" Bontrager will both emcee and produce your next virtual or hybrid event.  Rich will work to help put all the proper pieces in place and make sure the event experience is exciting, engaging, and smooth.

  • Rich "Trigger" Bontrager will serve as host or co-host

  • Host your podcast or TV show

  • Host virtual special events

  • Produce your live stream or recorded event.

  • Ensure that video, audio, and visual content is clean and clear for a dynamic experience.

  • Navigate Zoom production


Rock the Stage Media will work with you from start to finish to co-create your next virtual or hybrid event.

This is an "ALL IN" solution that includes, creation, producing, emcee, platform hosting, and promotional support.

  • Creation planning session

  • Showrun creation

  • Marketing planning

  • Marketing support

  • Emcee or co-emcee

  • Produce live stream or recorded event

Virtual Host Rich "Trigger" Bontrager

Co-host and producer

International Hospitality Women’s Day

Co-host and producer

Some Topics We Coach





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