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5 Keys To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


Fear of public speaking ranks as one of the top 5 fears universally. Fear of speaking is a natural thing and often holds many people back from ever stepping up and speaking in public. Today, I share from my own experience of 25 years as a Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster and Pastor on how to overcome speaking fears. Enjoy my 5 Keys To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking.


1. Know your topic.

The better you understand what you're talking about — and the more you care about the topic — the less likely you'll make a mistake or get off track. Speak on topics that you natural care about, have life experience or training in. When you know your topic inside and out, it will naturally flow out of you.

2. Get organized.

Ahead of time, carefully plan out the information you want to present, including any props, audio or visual aids. The more organized you are, the less nervous you'll be. Use an outline on a small card to stay on track.

3. Practice, and then practice some more.

Practice your complete presentation several times. Do it for some people you're comfortable with and ask for feedback. It may also be helpful to practice with a few people with whom you're less familiar.

4. Do some deep breathing.

This can be very calming. Take two or more deep, slow breaths before you get up to the podium and during your speech. Learn to control your breathing, so you maintain control of yourself no matter what happens on stage. Taking breaths before getting on stage helps you relax, taking breaths on stage during a presentation helps keeps you clear headed and calm.

5. See your success.

Imagine that your presentation will go well. Positive thoughts can help decrease some of your negativity about your social performance and relieve some anxiety. Remember you were hired as the expert, therefore the audience already believes in you. Own that and step into it. SUBSCRIBE TO Rock the Stage Youtube Channels and learn more valueable public speakinf and media skill tips. SUBSCRIBE


Rich “Trigger” Bontrager is the creator and host of How To Rock the Stage Show, airing live each Wednesday night. Rich hosts the National Speakers Association (NSA) podcaster, author forums, and the new NSA LIVE show Behind the Stage. Entrepreneurs, executives, and speakers hire Rich to unleash their brand authority by learning media-savvy skills that help them shine on camera and stage.

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