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How to Stop Bullying: The Sticks & Stone Myth

Have you ever been bullied? I was as a child and so are an average of 1 out of ever 5 children in school each day today. I can remember the pain, hurt, frustration and anger that I built inside of me each time I was bullied. But what made it worse was I like so many others were told a horrible lie. We were all told, "It's not that bad", and, "Remember, sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you."

Finally today that lie is being exposed as a myth. Words hurt, cut, burn and do have damaging effects on people, not just children, but adults as well. So what can we do about stopping bullying and making effect efforts to never let it happen again? What steps can be taken to shatter this myth of, "Sticks and Stones", and end the pain?

First, we must understand there are many, many forms of bullying.

1. Student

2. Workplace

3. Sports

4. Cyber Bullying

5 - Any many others

Second, we need to realize the impact bullying has on individuals.

1. Emotional

2. Physical,

3. Mental

Third, we must become pay attention to the various reasons people bully other people. Here are a few top reasons.

1. Color of skin

2. Appearance

3. Odd personality trait

4. Thought to be gay

5. Religious beliefs

6. Family dynamics

7. Financial

9. Non-Athletic

9. Parents

10. Language

Rich "Trigger" Bontrager is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, broadcaster, and Pastor on a mission to help you, "DEFY THE ODDS in life, leadership & public speaking. You can reach Rich at


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