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Presented by
Rich "Trigger" Bontrager

Rich is the CEO & Founder of Rock the Stage Media. Rich coaches, and equips executives, leaders, and influencers to rock the stage by learning savvy media-rich skills while hosting unforgettable events and shows.

Rich “Trigger” Bontrager is a broadcast veteran, Creator, and Host of How To Rock the Stage Show, keynote speaker, media expert, Emcee, Producer, and master interviewer on radio and TV for over 36 years.

In this Media Mastery Mastermind,
we will cover


Wait there is still more!

Learn Trigger’s Media Empire Brand Strategy

Learn Podcast host skills

Learn how to Rock any podcast or Show interview

Learn from a 36 Year Broadcast Media Professional

Don't miss this opportunity space is limited to a maximum of 10 members

Take advantage of the chance to invest in yourself and your company and learn media-savvy skills and media branding techniques in an exclusive 6-month hand on Mastermind.

Grow in a close-net private mastermind group with like-minded leaders.

There are two payment options for this exclusive media mastery mastermind

Option #1

Pay $1,000 per month 

(Total of $6,000 over the six months experience)

Option #2

Pay $5,400 before Thursday, June 1st 

(That is a 10% savings over the six-month experience.)

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