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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

The 4th of July is a huge event in my family for many reason. Of course we are proud Americans and we love to celebrate and honor this great nation. But my family has always celebrated the 4th with a great BBQ, friends, family, city fireworks and our own rather large and loud fireworks display. But why is it such an extra explosive celebration...FAMILY!

4th of July

You see every July, 4th for years we have celebrated my mothers birthday. Growing up she would always remind us that she was a "firecracker kid". Well, let's just say she was and still is. My mother loves her life and lives it out loud. She has always modeled how to make sure family and friends should be treated and valued.

Another big reason July, 4th is so big of a deal with our family, my granddaughter Ariel (My first grandchild) was born six years ago. Bang! What a firecracker she is. From the day Ariel was born she captured my heart and the heart of our entire family. My Mother (Her Great-Grandmother) exploded like a fresh firecracker when we notified her about Ariel's arrival on her birthday no less.

The thing about the 4th is that should be a big deal.

Our country is not perfect, but we live in a country that stands for freedom, and family values as normal. The 4th is meant to be share multigenerational so we can learn from one another. My shared experiences with my family and closest friends are some of the dearest memories.

The funny thing this year I will be sharing the 4th with a new group of friends, but like my traditional family experiences. I will be grilling up great burgers, and brats, playing lawn games, watching young kids play on the lawn, and seeing fireworks explode in the night sky.

The 4th of July is a universal event it seems and is greats a common connection with family, friends, races, and creeds. May you enjoy a firecracker day with your family. And for my mother, Ellen, and my granddaughter, Ariel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU!

Rich "Trigger" Bontrager is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, broadcaster, and Pastor on a mission to help you, "DEFY THE ODDS in life, leadership & public speaking. You can reach Rich at

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