About "The Trigger" 

"Trigger --- As a leader & motivational speaker,

he is very powerful, but also funny and entertaining.

I would recommend Rich as a speaker for most any event."

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Rich Bontrager is...
Keynote Speaker, TV Host, and Virtual Expert

My passion is to equip executives, leaders, and speakers to more effectively rock the stage. This desire comes from my 30 years as a professional broadcaster, Pastor, and keynote speaker. 



I equip executives, teams, leaders, and speakers to more effectively share their messages, missions, visions, and stories in a way that comes alive and captures the organization or audience’s attention to achieve their desired dreams and goals.


I transform the CEOs, executives, and speakers into making each presentation a real stage experience, not just another meeting, webinar, or conference speech. 


I also provide 1-on-1 transformational coaching. I give you real tools, evaluations, and action steps to transform your confidence, clarity, and communication skills radically. Let’s take your corporate and personal presentations and turn them into experiences that have lasting impact and outcomes. Get the coaching and personal equipping that will give you “rock star” confidence, upgrade your skills, and polish your presentation no matter the platform.


Interesting tidbits:

* I have a life-long stutter and yet have enjoyed a 30 yr broadcasting/speaking career.

* I planted and Pastored a church in Rochester, MN.

* I had a liver transplant in 2017 and am now a UNOS Ambassador.

* I should be dead three times, and yet have defied the odds.

* I ran a comic book store for over six years.

UNOS Ambassador Rich Bontrager

"Rich makes his communication interesting and engaging. His energy and insights spark interaction and participation. Audiences find his experience with people and ministry motivational and inspirational. "

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Leadership & Presentation Topics
  • Virtual Skills: "The 5 Fs of the Virtual Stage"

  • Leadership: "4 Good Risk to take as a Leader"

  • Virtual Skills "Branding and your Media Presence"

Defy The Odds Topics
  • Life Lessons of Liver Transplant Recipient.

  • From Stutter to Stage Speaker

  • Anti-Bully Message:"Interactive Hybrid Events"