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Public Speaking

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Rich "Trigger" Bontrager keynotes and presents various topics, here are a few of his most sought-after presentations.  In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid.

  • Defy the Odds: Stutter to Stage

  • 5 Keys to Rock the Virtual Stage

  • Brand Authority: The Media Brand of You

  • 4 Good Leadership Risks to Take

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Top Requested Keynote Presentations

Brand Authority: The Media Brand of You

What makes up your brand message?

Is it your mission and vision statements?
Perhaps you believe it's your company logo, brand color, and cute catchphrases.  Maybe you see it as the excellent services or products you offer.

The reality is now more than ever; you are the brand!

What are you doing today to enhance and grow your media skills to ensure that you shine as your company's brand messenger?  Learn how to create, own, and shine as you become more than the brand ambassador, CEO, or spokesperson, but rather the "BRAND OF YOU."


Format: keynote, workshop, breakout, virtual interviews, webinars


This program is perfect for:

  • Companies strive to break through the noise and shine as their brand increases sales and awareness.

  • Conventions and Conferences focus on leveraging media skills to help leaders become more media-savvy.

  • Entrepreneurs trying to establish their brand and mark in the world.

  • Thought leaders who want to expand their reach and get seen and heard on larger media outlets and larger stages.


The audience will leave with:

  • Practical and actionable best practices to grow their brand awareness

  • Transform speakers, authors, and podcasters into respected and sought-after Thought Leaders.

  • Better brand awareness of themselves and not just items they sell and market

  • Media skills that will get you more interviews that raise your brand awareness

5 Keys to Rock the Virtual Stage

We now live in a new reality, and it’s a rapidly changing reality. Learning how to use the Virtual Stage is a must if your business and career will continue to thrive, grow and expand.

The Virtual Stage is here to stay!


The question is, how equipped are you to rock this new stage and platform? 

5 Keys to Rock the Virtual Stage is designed to help you gain skills and tips that you implement today and not break the bank. This program is built on my 30 years of broadcast and media experience, training, and expertise.


Format: keynote, workshop, breakout, virtual interviews, webinars


This program is perfect for:

  • Keynote speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, podcasters, talk show hosts, emcees

  • Conventions and conferences focus on media skills and virtual or hybrid events.

  • Companies that want to improve their virtual events to a more professional level

  • individual and companies creating, hosting, and running their own virtual events, summits, and webinars.


The audience will leave with:

  • Five essential skills and best practices that will transform you and your virtual events.

  • Media skills that will give you more confidence on camera

  • Technology tips that will improve your virtual presentations while not breaking the bank

  • Improve production value

  • Higher engagement techniques

  • Excitement and a greater vision of how more professional virtual events will expand your reach, and increase sales.


**** This presentation includes a self-evaluation tool