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Rich "Trigger" Bontrager has cheated death at least three times. He has defied the odds medically at birth, survived a severe fire accident at age 10, and more recently received a life-saving liver transplant. "Trigger," as he is commonly known, had a horrible stutter as a child but has enjoyed a 30-year career as a sports broadcaster, talk-show host, and keynote speaker.


Rich is the creator and host of "How To Rock the Virtual Stage," airing on C-Suite TV, a part of C-Suite Network. Rich is an expert presentation coach, coaching top professionals on broadcast and stage skills to help them have a more significant impact on today's stage, virtual and inperson.

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Streams live Wednesday  nights 8 pm ET

How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show with Jeff Koziatek

How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show with Sheila A Anderson


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