About "The Trigger" 

"Trigger --- As a leader & motivational speaker,

he is very powerful, but also funny and entertaining.

I would recommend Rich as a speaker for most any event."

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Rich Bontrager is...
Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster, and Leader

For 25 years, my passion has been helping people to DEFY THE ODDS and take their lives to another level! I have been defying the odds all my life; in fact, I should be dead three times. I know what it takes to overcome the odds, and I am on a mission to equip you to defy the odds in life, leadership & public speaking.


🔳 1,000 of hours of speaking across the country
🔳 Born with CMV and was expected to die after birth
🔳 Professional broadcaster despite having a stutter
🔳 Survivor of a life-threating fire accident at age 10
🔳 25 years as a keynote speaker, storyteller
🔳 Visionary Leader
🔳 Church Planter Assessor with Converge Worldwide
🔳 Equipper of “Next Generation” leaders
🔳 UNOS Ambassador (2017 Liver transplant recipient)

One of the things I’m most proud of is mine to serving and teaching “faith and spirituality” in half-way houses and recovery centers. I genuinely love these people; they are overcomers and have amazing life stories.

Life is a great adventure, no matter the struggles, let me equip and inspire to DEFY THE ODDS and live your best life!

UNOS Ambassador Rich Bontrager

"Rich makes his communication interesting and engaging. His energy and insights spark interaction and participation. Audiences find his experience with people and ministry motivational and inspirational. "

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Leadership & Public Speaking Talks
  • Public Speaking: "How to be a Better Story Teller"

  • Leadership: "4 Good Risk to take as a Leader"

  • Leadership: "How to Overcome Leadership Fears"

Defy The Odds Talks
  • Life Lessons of Liver Transplant Recipient.

  • From Stutter to Stage Speaker

  • Anti-Bully Message:"Sticks & Stones breaking the myth"


Rich Bontrager

Longmont, CO, 80504

Tel: 507-358-4212


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