Rich Bontrager

Denver, CO, 80219​

Tel: 507-358-4212

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"The Trigger"

"Trigger ----- As a leader & motivational speaker,

he is very powerful, but also funny and entertaining.

I would recommend
Rich as a speaker for most any event."

Rich shares from his own life story and experiences, including facing a serious and life-threatening medical battle with a failing liver and then working to full life after receiving a liver transplant in 2017.

Plus 25 years of defying the odds while enjoying an exciting sports broadcasting career, in spite of working around the stutter he has had since birth. Rich has much to share about how to overcome, and DEFY THE ODDS no matter the challenges you may face in life, personally or professionally.

Rich Bontrager is...
Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster, and Leader

Passionate About Inspiring Others
UNOS Ambassador Rich Bontrager
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"Rich makes his communication interesting and engaging. His energy and insights spark interaction and participation. Audiences find his experience with people and ministry motivational and inspirational. "

Leadership & Public Speaking Talks
  • Public Speaking: "How to be a Better Story Teller"

  • Leadership: "4 Good Risk to take as a Leader"

  • Leadership: "How to Overcome Leadership Fears"

Defy The Odds Talks
  • Life Lessons of Liver Transplant Recipient.

  • From Stutter to Stage Speaker

  • Anti-Bully Message:"Sticks & Stones breaking the myth"