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Rich is a Keynote Speaker / Leadership Coach that shares from his own life story and experiences.  Part of his story includes facing a serious and life-threatening medical battle with a failing liver and then working his way back to full life after receiving a liver transplant in 2017.

For over 25 years Rich has been defying the odds while enjoying an exciting sports broadcasting career, in spite of working around the stutter he has had since birth. Rich has much to share about how to overcome, and DEFY THE ODDS no matter the challenges you may face in life, leadership, or public speaking.

Defy The Odds with Rich "Trigger" Bontrager Sample

Jeremy Neely, Neely Band

"It's rare to find one that was born with
the gift to stand in front of people,
no matter their age, race, or creed, and clearly convey their story\thought process with an emotional that leaves each individual listener feeling as if they
had lived, firsthand.

Betsy Singer, KAAL TV6 News

“Yes He Can

Yes, Rich can deliver!

You would be blessed by his

speaking to your group or

congregation on any topic.”

Lauren Allen, Destiny Church

"Rich Bontrager will challenge you to think outside the box and to get out of your comfort zone. Rich is a wonderful story teller, and you will laugh and cry as he shares with you his experiences."

We all face challenges in life, but is it about some people that appear to defy the odds and overcome those challenges and succeed. Watch and hear as I share practical p...
How To Defy The Odds
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